Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Google Page Rankings Have Affect Very Positively

Yesterday I was amazed when I opened my client's blog. I saw its page rank was 4. I could not believe it. I restarted browser and again and again, but still the page rank was 4. Then I visited my ain concern blog, and it was with PR2, unbelievable. Then I opened my concern website and, it was on PR1. It was surprising and unbelievable, because these all three websites were created during last 2 and one-half months.

To do sure, I switched on all my remaining five PCs and I browsed all three websites, and every personal computer was showing same; dramatically; increased PRs from zero.

I started hunt engine optimisation software system and checked the PRs of my client blog, its place page was PR4 while its six inside pages were at PR1. In lawsuit of my blog, the place page was with PR2 while five inside pages were at PR1. Then at my concern website, there were six pages with PR1 including place page.

I contacted my United States clients and informed them, and they were surprised too. Many of websites which belongs to my clients (I have got got got got not done hunt engine optimisation for those) have faced driblet in their PRs.

I am certain many old websites have lost their positions, bad for that.

I started thinking and I was satisfied at the end with my work that it have happened because of quality contents, I was adding to all three websites, the arriving links, the benefits of article submission, and off page hunt engine optimisation etc. Also these consequences have encouragement my energies, and also it have created challenging state of affairs for myself and for my squad to keep the degree such as to maintain or addition the present results.

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