Friday, February 15, 2008

How To Optimize A 14,000 Page Website

First of all you necessitate to research keywords that you desire to rank for. There are many free tools that states you figure of hunt per calendar month in Google hunt engine, and figure of competing websites for each keyword.

The pages of your websites that you desire to rank high, each demand a different meta statute title and meta verbal description tag. These are the two tags each page must have got got different from the rest.

If they are same like other pages, it will be harder to rank because they look in the eyes of hunt engines as similar or indistinguishable pages.

If you have a keyword like Capital Of Texas unrecorded music public presentations and you desire a page to rank well for that keyword then on that page talking about something related to the keyword. You should add about 2 paragraphs and usage the keyword in the paragraph though not too often.

If you have got another different page and you desire it to rank for something else make the same. Make two new paragraphs and usage that new keyword.

It is good thought since you have got many pages, that you optimize each page for just one keyword. It will be easier to rank. So if you have got a page called Capital Of Texas Music Bands make not seek to optimize it for 4 keywords, but just one. Keep in mind, that if you have got 14,000 pages, you can acquire ranked in Google for 14,000 different keywords if you optimize each page just for one keyword.

This is much easier than trying to rank one page for 14,000 keywords.

Now your place page should be optimized for general keywords, your chief keyword for example. Again since you have got many pages, not a good thought that you seek to optimize your place page for all keywords.

Last thing to make for each page is changing the elevation tags of mental mental images and if possible also add a statute title tag for the images and links. Title tag will do a little yellowness popup to look when you put the mouse over the mental image or link.It's optional however it helps.

When doing the tags input signal the keyword you desire to rank for that page. If you have got multiple mental images make the following. If your keyword is: wind artists.

For first mental mental mental image usage wind people image:

2nd: wind people graphic

3rd: wind people online image

4th: wind people sets graphic

In other words they will be different but the keyword always stays there.

You are loosing pagerank because it is moving to pages that make not necessitate it like for illustration Terms, Privacy, Login, Search and many more. All those golf course make not necessitate to be ranked well in hunt engines, so you should utilize the nofollow tag on those links. Modify each page of your website which have those golf course and include the nofollow tag.

This is the nofollow tag:


So alteration all golf course that you make not desire to be ranked into nofollow. If you desire a page to rank well for Capital Of Texas Music Bands than whenever you associate to it from within your website nexus to it using the ground tackle textual matter Capital Of Texas Music Bands. As often as possible.

On the sitemap of your website take golf course that you make not desire them to rank or add the nofollow tag to them.

Make certain you make not have got mistake pages, 404 not found. To make this make a Google sitemap and submit it to Google sitemaps.

You necessitate a free google business relationship and some software system system that volition make your sitemap.There are free software. Then login to your Google business relationship and you should see inside information of pages that have got errors. When creating your Google Sitemap except from sitemap pages you make not desire to rank for like Footing of service, Login page, Forget watchword page and so on.

You only make the sitemap once.

That screens the onpage factors of your website. Most of import thing I desire you to cognize is the fact that since you have got many pages, you can optimize each 1 just for one keyword. That do things more simple and easy.

There are also free tools that volition tidy and hole any hypertext markup language mistakes of your pages. It may take long to make all pages, but it is useful. Clean And Jerk hypertext markup language codification is better, spiders will read it faster and see it is not junk.

That is a program to begin optimizing a large website. Than focusing on most of import thing which is getting backlinks.

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