Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why Isn't Anyone Buying My Products?

If you have got an ecommerce website and you're having a hard clip devising sales, there are three basic grounds for this:

1. Your Landing Page Is Not Relevant to Your Targeted Keywords. Unfortunately, this is a error that many sellers make. They make a landing page that have absolutely nil to make with their primary keywords. As a result, when prospects land on your website, they don't happen what they're looking for and they quickly go forth without buying anything.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes. Suppose you were searching for selling information and you ended up on a website that sold pinkish flamingos. How long would you lodge around? See my point? Brand certain all of your web pages are properly optimized and relevant to the keywords that you're targeting.

2. Your Website Is Poorly Designed and Confusing. Your website necessitates to have got an orderly structure, and many guideposts to assist visitants voyage it - to happen whatever they're looking for - to acquire to whichever subdivision of your land site they wish to visit. Quickly. Effortlessly. Painlessly.

If you coerce your prospects to chink on multiple golf course and swan around your website aimlessly trying to happen whatever it is they're seeking, you can wager your underside dollar they won't return. There are simply too many other picks available on the Internet for them to set up with that sort of inconvenience.

Construct a user-friendly website with a simple pilotage system that shows visitants exactly where they are and how to easily acquire to other subdivisions of your site. Better yet, usage a sitemap. Brand it easy for your prospects to voyage your site, and not only will they go back again and again, they'll convey their friends with them!

3. Your Transcript Doesn't Talk to Your Target Audience. This is another common error that many sellers make. They make transcript that is too "me" oriented. Newsflash: Your prospects don't care about you and your problems. The lone thing they care about is what you can make to work out their problems. They desire to know, "What's in it for me?" So state them loud and clear. State them in a big, bold, compelling headline, and state them every measure of the manner throughout your gross sales copy. And don't just speak about features. Talk about benefits also. Benefits, benefits, benefits! Oh, and one more than thing, don't bury to inquire for the sale!

In closing, it's often the small things that do the greatest difference between success and failure. Follow these three basic rules, and you'll begin reaping a batch more success!



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