Friday, May 25, 2007

6 Quick Steps to Make Money With RSS

Send RSS in your email – You can send emails with RSS feed incorporated in it. These emails with RSS feed are not scanned or banned. So you can get to the intended reader with these emails with RSS feed.

Add RSS to your website- When you add RSS feed to your website, your contents get to the intended readers. These feeds increase the traffic to your website. More traffic means more money. Fast RSS will mean faster money coming to you.

RSS feed make your website or blog available and popular to the search engines. Popularity in the search engines will get you more visitors. Constant updating will help in better search engine ranking. More visitors will create more money for you.

Paid subscription – You can make money with RSS by asking for payment to subscribe to your RSS. To ask for payment in return of RSS feed, you should have something interesting, innovative or attractive in your website. When you offer something that can not be found in other places, people will pay you for the RSS feed.

RSS advertising- You can incorporate banners in the RSS feed. These banners will earn you money. You can put paid links in the feed. These links will also get you money. You can advertise really fast with fast RSS.

PR – Public relation is easy with RSS feed. RSS feed will help you to keep in constant touch with the public. You can send the press releases, sales letters, news, product information etc through the RSS feed. Fast RSS will create a fast contact.

RSS into CRM – RSS can be incorporated into the CRM (customer Relationship management) softwares that will provide latest news and information about the client companies.

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