Monday, August 13, 2007

Online Brand Protection

The cyberspace can be great for your concern but there are some pitfalls that demand to be avoided. Some companies are finding that hunts for their concerns frequently convey up negative remarks or reviews. It is, however, possible to protect your trade name name.

One of my friends have a hotel in Cyprus. Though the hotel is only small, his household have got spent some old age edifice up the concern and creating an first-class location for visitants to pass time.

When he carried out a hunt on Google for the name of his hotel he was shocked to happen that the 2nd and 3rd consequences displayed in the hunt engine lists both showed negative reviews, written by people who claimed to remain at his hotel.

He felt that the reappraisals were partial and provided deceits of the quality of service that he provides. He tried, in vain, to kick to Google in order to acquire the lists removed.

Having failed to acquire a satisfactory response, he turned to Search South to see whether we could help with protecting his online brand.

By using an extended listing of techniques we were soon able to force the two offending reappraisals down from their former places within the Google hunt engine results. Indeed, they now no longer even look within the top two pages!

My friend's hotel looks top of the lists for a hunt on its brand, followed by a figure of positive reappraisals and web pages. In effect, his trade name have been protected.

The followers methodological analysis have also been employed on Yokel and MSN listings, ensuring good coverage. As a result, engagements are up and concern is booming.

With a small spot of work, it is possible to protect your trade name online.

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