Thursday, February 21, 2008

SEO And How To Rank Number 1 In Major Search Engines Google Yahoo And MSN

Ranking figure 1 across all these three major hunt engines necessitates a batch of difficult work and money. Often a big selling budget is needed and an SEO specializer is employed, but there are ways you can rank figure 1 with out this. Google is the hardest of the three to rank well in, msn 2nd and yokel third.

Google is the most accurate hunt engine in determining which land sites are strong and commanding them better. Often you necessitate a combination of high authorization page rank seven and six golf course to rank first for a popular keyword. This necessitates a combination of nexus exchange and directory submissions. Although it stays difficult to vie with those affluent webmasters who purchase and sell links.

Techniques to rank well in Google :

- Submitting remarks to high page rank make follow blogs

- Avoiding over using keyword in text, should remain less than three per cent.

For yokel ranking well is a batch easier. And it can be done instantly for a batch of less popular keywords and long tail headings. First exchange golf course with other land sites in the same niche as you commanding well in yahoo.

The cardinal to rank well in Yokel is:

- Buying a nexus on the yokel directory. This directory is high authorization and having only 1 nexus for a site, from this directory can rank you figure one. Although it is very expensive and around three hundred dollars.

The cardinal to rank well in MSN:

- This is more than hard than yahoo. The rankings look inaccurate as well with weak land land sites commanding better than strong sites in a batch of niches. But the lone manner to acquire around this is linking with those land land land sites only, that are commanding well with msn.

Its best to concentrate on nexus exchange with those sites commanding highly in all these hunt engines and not low ranked sites. Getting back associates on high authorization land sites is the key. Over my old age of working in SEO, I have got establish this most hard in MSN.



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