Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Careerjet Brings Job Search Engine to Turkey

London, United Kingdom, 04/08/2008 - A new occupation hunt engine geared towards Turkish occupation searchers have been launched by Careerjet.

Launched in the United Kingdom in 2002, Careerjet have successfully connected a rapidly growing figure of British People occupation searchers to billions of employment opportunities. Careerjet uses sophisticated engineering to creep the full web for occupation offers, unlike most occupation boards who only have occupation lists from clients. Careerjet's system scans the web for occupation gaps featured on British People enlisting agencies, newspapers and occupation boards. These occupation offerings are then compiled into a listing according to the occupation seeker's hunt definitions. This listing easily redirects occupation searchers to the website featuring the original offer, which conveniently lets them to use to the occupation directly while simultaneously eliminating the fuss of the occupation search. Now, Turkish occupation searchers can profit from the same services offered by Careerjet's huge web of country-specific job hunt engines. In beta since December 2007, careerjet.com.tr now affords Turkish occupation searchers free, contiguous entree to employment chances at place with one easy search. The Careerjet hunt engine interface is in Turkish, as are the bulk of the occupation listings. Tens of one thousands of occupation offerings have got got been added to Careerjet Turkey, and the last two calendar months alone have seen the occupation searcher traffic more than double, rendering Careerjet the country's most reliable, extended occupation hunt engine. About Careerjet Since 2002, Careerjet have been quickly climbing the occupation hunt engine ranks to a top, high-traffic place connecting occupation searchers to billions of worldwide employment chances for free. Careerjet maps an extended choice of occupation offerings by listing planetary occupation vacancies in one database. These occupation lists are golf course that thrust occupation searcher traffic to the website hosting the original occupation listing. Careerjet utilizes advanced semantic analysis engineering that adapts to whatever land site is being crawled. This agency that no substance what the website looks like or how it's designed, Careerjet is able to construe any interface and interpret it into readable, condensed occupation lists in hunt results. Co-founder Seth Thomas Busch depicts how Careerjet (careerjet.co.uk) differs from other occupation hunt websites, 'Careerjet is alone because its hunt engine golf course occupation searchers to employment chances on all six populated continents (sorry, Antarctica). Our comprehensive website characteristics occupations in over 50 countries, whose interfaces and occupation lists are featured in linguistic communications native to each country's site. Careerjet is the lone occupation database to cover this wide a range.'

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