Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Web Marketing Beyond SEO

As of import as it is, Search Engine Optimization is not the lone manner to drive concern to your land site - and nor should it be.

Getting metaphorical for a minute - conceive of the Web as a town, and SEO as a existent estate agent merchandising you a secret plan for your shop. If you have got got a little budget, he might acquire you a shop in a backstreet on the outskirts of town, for a batch more, you could have a shop presence on the High Street.

So the shop on the High Street is going to make a batch better than the backstreet store right? Well, its certainly got a large advantage - people happen it easily and its convenient to acquire to. But what if the backstreet shop sets postings all over town, publicizes on the local radio, acquires out with a sandwich board etc?

In web selling its just as of import not to bury the other agency of getting clients to your land land site - done well they can more can counterbalance for a mediocre place on the hunt engines, and done in combination with good SEO they can intend a very successful site.

And without them, you run the hazard of seeing your SEO work travel to blow if rivals up their SEO budget or better their land land sites - or Google make up one's minds to change the manner it ranks sites and you suddenly happen yourself evicted from your premier location (as have happened in the past).

Some countries you should see beyond SEO include:

Advertising your URL

Get your web computer address out there at every opportunity. Put it on your letterheads, your concern card, your bags, the bumper spine on your car. If you have got the budget, publicize in the fourth estate or local radio. If you have got a bricks-and-mortar store, state your clients about your website, set particular web-only offerings on there to promote them to utilize it, and to urge it.

Become an expert

You cognize your concern inside out - so don't be diffident to state people. Your expertness can go a great promotional tool. Write ushers and articles on your land site that people in your industry, or possible customers, will happen useful. If the ushers are good - other land sites will associate to them. You can also seek a spot of old-fashioned PR - if your industry is in the news, offering your services as an expert, online and offline. Find the name of your local concern newsman or editor and direct them press releases with a topical or newsworthy angle. Answer inquiries on your specializer topic in online forums relevant to your industry. Put a blog on your site, and advance it via blog hunt engines such as as as Technorati or using RSS feeds.

Be sociable

Use societal networking land sites such as YouTube and MySpace - you could even believe about uploading picture of yourself: if, say, you are a detergent builder why not do a picture screening a few "tricks of the trade" for instance. In short - acquire your human face and your name out there.

Directory sites

Add your land site to good free online directories, and particularly to 1s relevant to your industry. Its worth paying for directory listing too, if the directory turns out its worth. Try putting the hunt footing your clients utilize to happen you into Google, or one of the other hunt engines, then see which directories demo up on the first page.

Relevant Links

Link-building is not only great for SEO - its great for getting you establish without the aid of hunt engines. Find land sites which offering complimentary services to yours, and don't be diffident to inquire for a inverse nexus - most companies will be only to glad to acquire a nexus from you if you are offering something that assists their customers. For instance, if you are a florist who specialises in wedding ceremony ceremony flowers, happen some land sites for local wedding locales and inquire for a link. People booking a wedding ceremony locale will probably be looking for flowers too.


One of the most cost-effective ways of selling your site. If person holds to subscribe up for your newsletter, they have got already bought into the thought of using your services. Use the newsletter to advance new products, publicize particular offers, offering utile counsel and make a sense of community.

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