Friday, May 25, 2007

6 Quick Steps to Make Money With RSS

Send RSS in your email – You can send emails with RSS feed incorporated in it. These emails with RSS feed are not scanned or banned. So you can get to the intended reader with these emails with RSS feed.

Add RSS to your website- When you add RSS feed to your website, your contents get to the intended readers. These feeds increase the traffic to your website. More traffic means more money. Fast RSS will mean faster money coming to you.

RSS feed make your website or blog available and popular to the search engines. Popularity in the search engines will get you more visitors. Constant updating will help in better search engine ranking. More visitors will create more money for you.

Paid subscription – You can make money with RSS by asking for payment to subscribe to your RSS. To ask for payment in return of RSS feed, you should have something interesting, innovative or attractive in your website. When you offer something that can not be found in other places, people will pay you for the RSS feed.

RSS advertising- You can incorporate banners in the RSS feed. These banners will earn you money. You can put paid links in the feed. These links will also get you money. You can advertise really fast with fast RSS.

PR – Public relation is easy with RSS feed. RSS feed will help you to keep in constant touch with the public. You can send the press releases, sales letters, news, product information etc through the RSS feed. Fast RSS will create a fast contact.

RSS into CRM – RSS can be incorporated into the CRM (customer Relationship management) softwares that will provide latest news and information about the client companies.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

How To Make Your Website Popular

If you want to promote your website and want to make popular in search engines than Link Building is the right way to promote. Link Building can make your website popular in the search engines and make a path for the search engine spiders or crawlers. There are different ways for making the website popular in the search engines. Below are the best methods for promoting the website basically for off page optimization.

Reciprocal and One way link: By the reciprocal links and one way links your website linked to many websites when a user goes to that websites there is a possibility that he will come at your website, In other terms when a spider or a search engine crawler goes to a website where your link exists than the spider will also comes at your website. Google and Yahoo prefers link building. The links can also boost your search engine rankings as well. The theme based link building is very important Link farms and free for all links can harm your website rankings.

Directory Submission : By the directory submission your website can get one way links easily, There are two types of web directories one is free and the other is paid. Some popular directories are Like DMOZ, Google Directory, Yahoo Directory and Lycos and many more. These are very popular directories and Spiders crawls these directories on a regular basis. So that your website also get crawls regularly by these web directories.

Press Releases : Another great way to make popular your website is to submit your press releases in the other websites and at your own website. By this your website is well known by the visitors. There are press releases directories where you can submit your press releases.

RSS and News Feeds : This is a best way to promote a website, By this your website kept fresh in the search engines and the rss displays all the information about the website and for every page. Submit your website feeds in other websites and link with your website also. The rss feeds also improves the interlinking of your website.

These are some possible ways to promote website ranking into the search engines and by regular the above work can give you best results in search engine marketing.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 Ways to Make a Profit With Search Engine Marketing

The search engines are the chief source for people to get something on the Internet. If some one has to find any item on the Internet, the foremost stride is to hunt for it through the search engines. These days search engine marketing is turning out to be most important means of advertising and endorsing one's products and services. Search Engine marketing is all about getting your web site listed in the top entries on the search engine results page. Here are five ways to make profit with search engine marketing.

The first way to get profit with search engine marketing is to get your web site designed according to the requirements of the search engines. Making your web site search engine friendly lets the search spiders search your web site faster and thereby improve ranking in the search engine results page.

The second way is to use the right keywords on your web site so that the spiders of the search engine can find your web site easily. It is important to research the keywords well.

The third way is to find out your competitive keywords and make effort so that you use the keywords to target the right audience.

The fourth way to make profit with search engine marketing is by submitting your web sites to various search engines so that they know about your web site and place your web site high in the relevant searches.

The fifth way to make profit in search engine marketing is to track your efforts of marketing and make necessary changes if necessary.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Organic SEO - The Hidden Costs Of Search Engine Success

Most of us web marketers start out about the same way. We hear all about the level playing field of the Search Engine Marketing world and we think that we'll be making money in no time. Just put up a quick web site, submit it to the search engines and wait for the checks to start coming in...

Alas, soon reality cracks us in the face. You see, making money on the web is different then making money in the real world, it's just NOT any easier. Ah but let's face it, deep down, we kind of knew that all along.

Case in point is the world of Organic SEO. Organic SEO is the Holy Grail of web marketing. Its promise is that you can get free targeted web traffic to your sites and this traffic will buy whatever it is you're trying to sell. While it's true that a search engine like Google does freely send millions of users to these free listings everyday, and Google does its best to show its visitors only listings that are relevant to what they're looking for. There can be substantial costs associated with these "free" listings.

First off there is time. Hey, we all know that time is money. Getting a top five listing on Google for a"money keyphrase" is not a quick proposition. For any given keyphrase, there can be literally millions of competing listings. It can take months maybe even years to get your site within striking distance of the top spots. Fact is, if you're not in the top five results, you're not going to get any meaningful traffic to your website.

Next factor you need to consider is the cost of performing the actual SEO work. You can hire a SEO professional to do the entire job for you and this could cost thousands of dollars. Plus SEO is not a job that you can do once and forget about. It's an ongoing proposition. The Search Engines are constantly updating their algorithms, what's working today may not work tomorrow. A SEO needs to keep monitoring your pages and performing various tweaks even after you're in the top spots. Make no mistake; they don't do this for free.

Doing your own SEO is often a viable solution; however, while it's usually cheaper, it's not free. You have to learn the techniques that are effective today and then you need to put those techniques into action. All this costs money in the form of learning, plus it takes time and like anything else, it takes practice to get right. Keep in mind, all the time you'll spend learning about SEO and the time you spend actually performing the work is time you can't spend doing other things (things like finding new markets, or following up with existing customers).

So what's the answer? An approach that I've always had success with is to pick the low hanging fruit first. To do this I look for keyphrases that are easier to rank for, phrases that don't have a lot of competition. I can rank for these keyphrases much easier and quicker then the "big money" phrases. An added benefit is that these "long tail keyphrases" are often more targeted and better converting then those other more general phrases.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Selling on the Internet

Contrary to what most Internet 'gurus' will tell you, being successful as an internet marketer isn't as easy as putting up a website and waiting for people to flock to it. Just like in a 'bricks and mortar' business, what product you offer and how you present it will determine your level of success.

Many aspiring Internet marketers start out by getting web space, ie, somewhere to put your website. Many internet service providers offer up to 20Mb of free web space when you sign up to use their service, and many also provide help in building your website. So this is a good place to start, especially when you are just beginning to explore the possibility of becoming an Internet marketer.

If you don't already have a product to sell, this will be your next, and possibly, your most difficult step. Finding a product that people want and then ensuring its safe delivery is crucial to your ongoing success. The product may be in the form of downloadable material – ebooks, software etc; physical material – household items, apparel, real books, hardware etc - or a service like domestic cleaning, resume writing etc; it doesn't matter as long as it can be easily delivered within a reasonable time-frame and relatively cheaply.

'Quick and easy' is the catchphrase for people who buy off the 'Net. If your prospective customer finds that your product can be bought elsewhere more quickly and easily, well you can say goodbye then and there. Generally online shoppers are busy and short of time and therefore willing to pay that little extra to save a lot of time and hassle. If your delivery methods satisfy this basic need, you have more of a chance of being the one they buy the product from rather than the multitude of other sellers out there offering exactly the same product at exactly the same price…and there will be heaps of competition.

It's a minefield out there. Competition is rife and the scams are a growing menace. More than ever, you really need to know your stuff to make it online. Too many new Internet users fall prey to unscrupulous operators every minute via the Internet whether they are looking to buy or sell a product.

Scams come in the form of emails pretending to be from large legitimate corporations like your local bank, well known charity organizations and even your best friend. How they get your information and know exactly who to market to are some of the tricks taught by the very people who will probably teach you to be a great internet marketer.

A lot of tips and tricks to Internet marketing are freely available online. A lot are offered as paid courses and it's up to you whether you choose to pay or not. The only difference will be that paid courses will usually have a tried and tested method for success whereas free information has to be collected from varying sources and it can be difficult, though not impossible, to find good quality tidbits and know how and when to put them into practice. All the information, however you obtain it, will contain much the same techniques you too can learn and apply either for good or bad dealings, much like atomic energy really.

It's up to you how you use your new found knowledge, and whether you want to stay in business for the long term or whether you want to be constantly ousted by your internet service providers each time you let people down, not to mention the karmic consequences of gaining from someone else's misery. The latter, in my opinion, is a universal law that should not be messed with.

To recap - once you have found a good service provider who provides free web space; you can build a simple functional website or have signed up with an internet mall such as Ebay; you can offer a product/service that people can't live without; and you can satisfy the customers need for instant gratification; then you have all the ingredients for putting together your internet business. All you need to do now is to let people know it exists.

Advertising is the key to success both on an off the internet. It's just so much easier online due to the fact that it can all be done in a short time right from where you are right now reading this article. Once again you can choose to pay or not to pay but sooner or later, you may have to part with some of your hard-earned cash especially if you earned it initially through using some of the free forms of advertising available. If free advertising is paying off somewhat, then you know you have found the right niche market so making a small investment toward advertising further within that market is going to get you bigger returns guaranteed.

So my advice is to start out using as many free resources as possible, then once you have found some success, whether it be in the products you offer, the delivery methods you choose or your advertising platform, begin investing small amounts into those areas and build up your outlays as your business grows. Good luck in all your future marketing endeavors both on and offline.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Targeted SEO

One finding shows that over eighty percent of the people working on the internet use search engines at least once in a week. There is one more interesting finding. Only 20% of these 80% actually reach the third page of the search results. The conclusion is very simple to make. If you want your site to be seen, you need to be in the first three pages of the search engine results.

This means that if you wish to have targeted traffic to your site your website need to be in the first three pages of the search results. This could be achieved with what is called Search Engine Optimization. Let us have a look at some of the SEO tips that could help you achieve this high ranking.

Well, it is all about content! This is the most fundamental and the most important part of SEO. The content that you should put in your site must be relevant to your site and must be keyword rich. The keyword density could be anywhere from five to seven percent. And yes, the content should be useful and not trash.

Next would come,
the location of the keywords. The best position would be at the top of the page. The title must also contain the keywords. Then you would have to take care of the Meta Tags and Title Tags. If you have a Meta Tag that has relevant keyword text in it, you are sure to have a better page ranking.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Increase Links Naturally With Link Popularity Building (LPB)

Businesses can gain a competitive edge with Google and other significant search engines through relevant link building strategies. The search engines track links in ranking algorithms while crawling the Web. It is advantageous to grow the number of incoming links to your company's site alongside effective search engine optimization techniques.

There are numerous link building solutions.

1. Free and paid link directories

Link directories all provide either one-way or reciprocal links. Some are free, while others are paid only. Link directories are beneficial because Websites that place your link on their site without requesting a link back to their site are considered more valuable than reciprocal or link exchanges, in the eyes of major search engines. There are many reputable directory sites that are well trafficked by potential buyers for your product. You will find one-way and reciprocal link directories by typing into any search engine search box, keywords like "submit a link", "add a URL", or "add link".

Some small business owners will only link to sites that link back to their site. This creates reciprocal links pages and triangular link patterns. Reciprocal links do not improve a Website's rankings, and should only be done to give value to your site visitors. This is not a savvy SEO tactic or a wise link building practice. Stay clear of SEO companies who use these link exchange strategies; they are not considered real SEOs by other professionals in the field.

2. Business Blogging

This is an ever growing Internet trend gaining in popularity with businesses – corporate blogs. Blogging started as personal spaces for individuals to share their thoughts and the events around them, like an online diary. Corporate blogging is then defined as another way to publish business-related content and gain more visibility for your company on the Web. By offering information and sharing knowledge, a company can quickly establish itself as a leading industry expert, get information to customers quickly, increase sales, attract journalists seeking news releases, and attract new customers looking for relevant information.

3. Article Directory Submissions

Article directories are sites that house free reprint articles, allowing authors (people like you) to become known as experts in a field or industry. These sites help authors gain one-way link popularity because others seeking free articles to reprint on their newsletters, Websites, blogs and in print can find them here. Reprint articles can only be used elsewhere if providing a link back to the author's Website. You also receive free advertising and promotion.

4. Press releases

Submit your company's news releases to sites like and to allow journalists and bloggers to find important information about your company, its products and services. These releases also build links to your site, and attract attention from prospective buyers.


This is a tremendous opportunity for free publicity, through networking with prospects from around the world. Place your business profile, your company logo and business pictures, commercials and videos, write comments on other profiles, receive email, instant message, and search for prospective clients. also has a business section that is cost effective and a great way to share your business with people searching for a certain product or service. This is another way to increase your link popularity.

6. Yahoo! Answers

This site is relatively new, and lets people in all industries become an expert in their fields. Answer questions in categories related to your expertise. Choose a subject from an extensive list of categories. Create a profile on Yahoo!, and you get to list up to 3 other one-way links. Yahoo! Geocities offers free a Website template and tools to build a simple Website. All these avenues add a host of easy ways to increase link popularity for your business.

7. One-Way Links on other Business Sites

Even with these link building strategies, having one-way links are considered much more valuable than link exchanges, also called reciprocal links. One way links from other related business sites or blogs with pertinent subject matter to the Website is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site. Although it is time consuming asking other sites to link to your site, these methods will assist in building stronger link popularity interest among the major search engines.

8. Business Networking Sites and are two business networking sites that give professionals and business executives many resources under one place. These one-stop shops give professionals a lot of excellent exposure for free, by housing a database of business owners linked to each other's online networks. Try something new! Create a profile through these sites, and you will reach other decision makers, stay in touch with others in your network, fill a key position, and keep contact information current.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Painful Truth About Getting Your Website to the Top of the Search Engines

"How do I get my website to come up on top of the search engines?" – That is one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked by clients.

The truth is, it's not easy.

With millions of websites on the internet right now and thousands being added each month, everyone is striving to do the same – to come up in the first spot (or at least on the first page).

In reality there are only 2 ways you can come up on top:

Keywords Before you embark on either of these marketing methods, you need to understand about keywords.

Keywords or key phrases are the words that visitors type into a search engine to find a service or product. The best keywords are those that are commonly typed in by your potential customers, but which aren't used much on your competitor's websites.

In other words, if you optimize your pages for keywords your potential customers use a lot, but your competitors haven't thought of, you win.

But here's the'll never get to know which are the best keywords for your website simply by guessing.

There are many tools you can use to find what keywords people are using. One is called Overture and it is a free service. It shows you how many times people have searched for a particular term during a one month period.

This does not, however show you how many competing websites there are for that particular keyword.

If you are serious about finding the perfect keywords, I would recommend using a tool called Wordtracker – Although you do need to pay a few dollars for this service, it is far more sophisticated and gives you much more information than Overture.

Through a series of simple steps, Wordtracker identifies the best keywords to use on each page of your website.

Wordtracker's suggestions are based on over 300 million keywords and phrases that people have used over the previous 90 days. (In other words, there is no "guessing" when you use Wordtracker. Everything is based on the keywords millions of people have actually typed into search engines.)

Best of all, their competitive analysis tool enables you to find those "best keywords" - the ones your potential customers use, but which your competitors don't know about.

Once you have identified the best keywords, you can either run a pay per click marketing campaign or optimize your website for search engines.

Pay per click

Pay per click advertising is when an advertiser (you) pays for each qualified click that sends a search engine user to your web page. PPC requires you to bid on keywords or phrases that relate to your business. The best known pay per click services are Google AdWords and Overture.

Generally you can bid from as little as a few cents per visitor. However, the more you bid the higher up in the search engine your advertisement will appear. Pay per click is a great way to deliver targeted and qualified visitors to your website at a very reasonable price.

It is a good idea to experiment with different PPC search engines to find the one that works best for you. In addition, you will need to spend time testing your keywords and ads.

There are hundreds of pay per click search engines. For more information check out:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines prefer to list sites that contain good content. In order to rank high you need to create a website that has maximum content and which uses lots of relevant keywords to your service and products.

Once you decide on the keywords, use them in

(a) Your website's domain name

(b) The title of your page - This is displayed in the top bar of your browser window

(c) The heading of your home page

(d) The first paragraph of your home page

(e) Meta tags - Keywords, page title, description

(f) Titles of your graphics

(g) Alternative (Alt) tags - These appear in place of images when the browser preferences are set for text only.

Whilst it is important to use keywords as much as possible, it is also important you use them only if they are relevant and do not sound awkward. If you spam your keywords you may be penalised or even banned by some search engines.

Another important thing to consider when trying to optimize your website for search engines is to have as many relevant links pointing back to your website from other complementary sites. This can be done through link exchanges or by writing articles/posts and submitting them to article directories or forums. Ensure you include your domain name at the end of each article/post.

If this all seems too overwhelming, you can employ the services of a Search engine optimization company, who will make your website's content more search engine friendly. In fact, I highly recommend if you decide that Search Engine Marketing is one of the main ways you wish to promote your website, you do hire an expert.

Please remember, having your website listed at the top of the search engines is not the only way to promote your website. There are lots of other ways you can get visitors to your site for little or no money.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Simple Secret Online Riches - Making Internet Millionaire Money

All those who want to be an internet millionaire raise your hand. Go ahead wave frantically, I do, I do! Well, most people who do the daily 9 to 5 grind would love to make a fortune from the comfort of their own homes, as many people struggle with the idea of having to work until their brittle bones can not stand up any longer.

When it comes to making money on the internet and online riches, there are very few exceptional cases where people actually earn over $20,000 a month, consistently as this is the key! I am sure you have seen thousands of sales letters where authors are claiming to have made $100,000 in a month and plaster their earnings from Clickbank and PayPal accounts. What most of those claims may not tell you is that this may have happened once, and sure maybe once is all it takes for some to be happy, but the money will not last forever if these earnings were just a fluke.

What most of the authors do not tell you when they are selling their easy riches stories are that you absolutely need to have systems in place, meticulous strategies, and efficient tools to work with in your business. I do not care who you are, if you do not have these in place, your business will most likely fizzle out.

There really is no big secret when it comes to making money online. A successful internet business takes a lot of work and too many people are spinning their wheels searching for the easy route to riches. It does not exist in the latest ebook being peddled into your email box. Just as with any successful business, it takes effort, time, and dedication. The only simple secret to online riches is that you will have to focus on your overall systems.

If you have ever had a 9 to 5 five job, think about how your employer ran the business. They have systems in place and they provide the tools needed to get the job done efficiently. Why do you think a work at home business will be any different than another successful company?

My last advice to you is to stop purchasing every new get rich quick ebook that comes on the market. Most of them are just recycled information wrapped in a pretty new package. All the information you need to make your business successful can be found online with a little work.

Find out more about why you do not need another ebook to become successful online and how implementing the right tools will skyrocket your business. Visit:

Until next time,

Dani Calloway

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